Seven Parents, Daughter to None: A Memoir (Book Summary)

This book is a shocking but true survivor memoir outlining how I grew up with a string of six fathers and an indifferent mother through every type of abuse. After 15+ years as a public school educator, I have witnessed firsthand how easy it is to miss the signs of our abused youth. These children fall through the cracks and rarely ever survive becoming a stereotype. 

Because I can relate to each child, dropped out of high school, lived homeless and alone, and found my way back, I can offer fellow educators a look into what our future generation is suffering from behind closed doors. From a student perspective, I offer hope and trust in the most unlikely place, at school. Parents can take note of the signs they may see in the friends of their children seeking a safe refuge from their chaotic homes. Regardless of your purpose for reading, I hope you find a voice like I have finally found.


How does one overcome a lifetime of trauma and deception?

Melanie Hope Lang’s early life was one of hardships, abuse, and difficulties on multiple levels. She suffered through a string of six fathers and an indifferent mother for many years. Instead of breaking, Melanie survived to discover the inner strength we all possess but few access. It was during this formative period she learned an important truth. That we hold the keys to our destiny.

Seven Parents, Daughter to None is Melanie’s emotionally charged story of growing up through the worst of times to become a powerful voice for those too often kept silent. Her struggles and pains were forged into a force for good. She could have given up. It would have been easier, but Melanie turned her past into the means to help children going through similar situations.

Now a successful public school educator, Melanie specializes in children at risk of falling through the gaps. Journey through her life, exploring the depths of her personal pain and joining in the wonder of her miraculous transformation into a powerful voice for those who are kept quiet.

Seven Parents, Daughter to None is far from an easy read, for through it we confront the demons lurking deep within. Yet by finishing this tale, this beginning of her life, you will perhaps discover your own strengths and understand a terrifying piece of the world that should never have existed.

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In an age where technology and social media have poured into our everyday lives, we can see how its addiction can come between what we love most. The author has decided to keep her personal/social life private for the sake of her family. If you would like to reach Melanie about her book, feel free to send an email using her contact information.